Really Short Stories

Summer Memories

Let us go on an adventure across the lake!

I’ll row, can you bring a treasure map?

A Myth From Back Home

There’s a myth back home about a dragon,
One that made its dwelling in the mountains,
Protecting grand halls of gold within.

The gold runs as deep as the mountain is high.
A treasure horde gathered over many generations.
Yet there is one dragon.

A dragon with a rusted armour of iron,
And a cunning like no other - luring the unwise into a trap.

It sleeps for over one hundred years,
And casts terror on the land for over a thousand.

But it’s only a story, right?
It’s only a myth.


What a beautiful place!
Welcome to my playground.
Float with me sometime, okay?

Our Tree

You may be like a monkey when it comes to climbing trees, but I’ve got the snacks.

The Balloonist's Friend

Once in a while I like to wake up somewhere new.

I pack a picnic for two,

Put on my warm boots and coat,

Roll up my maps (taking a red pencil to mark any new discoveries of course),

And warm up the balloon.

Rope swing?

Can we rope swing?

(I love rope swing.)

Astronaut Pair

Oh if I could be on space, the things I would do!

I’d float and spin and dance and shake about!

Let’s go, I’m ready. Are you?

I packed space snacks. But do bring something to keep the sun out of your eyes....

My favourite place.


My favourite place.

I’ll fly until I’m found,

I’m adventure bound.


Let’s take a dive, a deep dive and see beneath the sea.

Let’s uncover, get ready, discover something new in my blue submarine!

Pilot Boy

“Today,” I stated boldly to the big blue sky, “I will fly.”