Inky iMessage Stickers

Adventures In Ink. Original iMessage Stickers by Jethro

Bring real colour to your conversations. Want to hang out over a coffee? There's a sticker for that. Do you feel... happy? How about elated! Send a cheeky wink or tell someone you adore them.

Or maybe you yearn to re-create Jurassic Park in its full Inky Sticker glory!

(please tell me if you do that)

And of course you can say WOOP YAY, OH YES, NOPE NUH UH, or WOAH NOW in absolute animated style!

Over 50 original stickers. Free!

This sticker pack was made on an iPad Pro with Procreate and Affinity Photo (Check them out!), by me. Jethro. This pack was designed to make use of the same Wide Colour (P3) standard that new iPhone displays uses - The colour pops straight out of your screen!