Azure Dragon

The Azure Dragon, more commonly known as the Night Guardian, is a one-of-a-kind protector of people. Azure Dragon chases dreams as they float away in the night and eats the nightmares - protecting children from scary dreams. Azure Dragon’s body glows and sparkles as it eats more and more.

Fire Wing

Fire Wing Dragon, also known as the Heart of the Volcano, is the legendary, and furious, guardian of the Southern Islands. It is said that when the volcano erupts, it’s really Fire Wing Dragon bursting from the earth for it’s next hunt.⠀

Forest Wing

Forest Wing Dragon is a shy creature living in the depths of the Aylleworth Woods. While this dragon can be swift when startled, it spends most of its time sleeping in the darkest parts of the wood. It’s body is coated in moss, and if it keeps still you probably wouldn’t even see it was there.⠀


Nibiru, the juvenile dragon, is distinguishable from other dragon juveniles only by the glowing pink spots on its body. As it grows up it will be the only dragon to keep the distinctive purple colour of young dragons. The terrible lightning storms that cover the southern region are said to surround furious adult Nibiru dragons fighting for the sea (All dragons adore the sounds of the ocean).⠀