Nightmare's Lair Montage

The Nightmare Lairs

Hoot! Ho, brave lad, on your quest to wake the dreamer!

Nightmare's Lair Level 1-- Tail Cave

Level 1-- Tail Cave

Nightmare's Lair Level 2-- Bottle Grotto

Level 2-- Bottle Grotto
HO HO HO! I'm your bad guy this time!! HO HO HO!

Nightmare's Lair Level 3-- Key Cavern

Level 3-- Key Cavern
NEENER NEENER! You can't find me! NYAH NYAH!

Nightmare's Lair Level 4-- Angler's Tunnel

Level 4-- Angler's Tunnel

Nightmare's Lair Level 5-- Catfish's Maw

Level 5-- Catfish's Maw are the outsssider, come to wake the Wind Fisssh... KEEE-HEE-HEEEH! I shall eat you!

Nightmare's Lair Level 6-- Face Shrine

Level 6-- Face Shrine
Hey dummy! Need a hint? My weak point is... !! Whoops! There I go, talking too much again...

Nightmare's Lair Level 7-- Eagle's Tower

Level 7-- Eagle's Tower
BAH! I'm not going to hold back! I'm going to make you wish you were never born!!

Nightmare's Lair Level 8-- Turtle Rock

Level 8-- Turtle Rock
CRACKLE-FWOOOSH! You're finished! I will never let you play the Instruments of the Sirens!!

Nightmare's Lair Level 0-- Color Dungeon

Level 0-- Color Dungeon
Blue is safe. Yellow is caution. Red is danger.

Inspired by The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX