Adventures In Llama Land

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Page One

It was a dry TUESDAY morning when I did say to my companions...


(They did laugh)

Page Two

One boy boldly shouted,


"The Far East," I did reply, "To the land of llamas, where the trees carry carrots!"

Page Three

"Why Llama land? Camels are SO much better than llamas," One girl chimed.

I'll show her.

Everybody knows llamas are faster and friendlier and better than camels in just about every way.

Page Four

I will start at the top of the land, tame my very own llama and name him LEON.

From there I will travel across the land towards the sunrise.

Page Five

Then I'll be back on Friday, just in time for lunch!

Everybody will see how amazing Leon the llama is.

Page Six


I did not make it to the Far East.

Or even the Near East.

Mum had helped me to pack my bags, but the aiport had run out of planes.

Maybe we can try again next week...