But I Did Not Go That Way.

Download But I Did Not Go That Way and read it with your children at bedtime.

Page 1

The path was long and made of stone,

but I did not walk that way.

Page 2

I went adventuring.

Page 3

The trees were tall and wet with rain,

but I did not climb them.

Page 4

I marched on into the brush.

Page 5

Beyond the bushes was a path,

but I did not run that way.

Page 6

I jumped the trickling stream.

Page 7

In the distance was a tower,

but I did not explore that way.

Page 8

I strode over the open sea of grass.

Page 9

Coloured houses lined the road,

but I did not knock on their doors.

Page 10

I stomped over the bridge!

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